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Energy City New Horizons Music 


Our groups have performed over one hundred free performances since our founding.

There is more than one opportunity to participate in Energy City New Horizons Music. We currently host a variety of ensembles, and will give serious consideration to additional grouping arrangements. The first three, the Symphonic Band, the String Ensemble and the Big Band are our mainstays. Perhaps one or more of these is for you.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is our largest endeavor. We're looking for all types of players and even though we're doing well, currently having about 50 players representing about fifteen instrument types, we would love to see this group grow and diversify.

String Ensemble

Many of our string players are brand new to their instruments. Even so, they have provided us with some wonderful performance pieces at our concerts. This group has enjoyed steady growth. We're anxious to see this group continue to flourish and are especially looking for cello and viola players.

Big Band

This endeavor brought us into the world of big band, blues and jazz. The debut for this group was the Fall 2010 Kick-off. Due to the specialized nature of this group, participation must be cleared by the Artistic Director.

Other Ensembles

Over the past few years a variety of smaller group ensembles have emerged. At various times you can find opportunities with a small string ensemble, a clarinet choir, a trombone quartet, a trumpet quartet, a saxophone ensemble, a wind quintet or a Traditional Jazz Ensemble. If there is interest, other groups may be started. These groups tend to be self-directed, but our Artistic Director has always provided a guiding hand when asked.


Teachers - We're looking for volunteer teachers to help share their musical talents and experience. These teachers will work closely with our Artistic Director in preparation for our concerts by helping teach the beginners and small sectional groups.
Librarian - We need a volunteer to help manage the music files and prepare for music distribution.
Volunteers - Our concerts have always been a success. It would be helpful to have someone take the lead on arranging the food and beverage arrangements for future events. Additionally, we'd love to have someone take the lead in getting the word out to the public for our organization in general and for our events.

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Donations are needed and gratefully accepted to help us meet our mission.


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ECNHM is a 501(3)(c) organization. Contact Information: Terry Tullos, Artistic Director (713) 579-2933